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OPDI Technologies A/S develops and commercializes intelligent photonic sensors used for  applications in high growth markets like IT and 'smart' Energy solutions. At OPDI were are focusing on photonic sensors, which combines the accuracy and resolution of optics (=photons) with the intelligence and flexibility of electronics. Our sensors are designed for the high growth and high volume markets and rely on highly accurate low-cost polymer (=plastic) optics in combination with dedicated ASICs.

OPDI is co-operating closely with Danish research institutions and international high volume manufacturers. Our core business is to bring excellent research results from the laboratory of our research partners into the factory or our commercial partners. OPDI is a technology bridging company and our key competence is to develop cutting-edge optical technologies rapidly. When technical proof-of-concept is achieved, we license patents and sell know-how to established companies with existing manufacturing competence and good market access.

OPDI has a strong financial position with allows us to expand ambitiously in the future. This expansion will be both in terms of employees in the company and development projects in the pipeline.



Helgeshøj Alle 18     DK-2630 Taastrup     CVR 2685 1130     +4529601163